Horse healing: hands-on complementary alternative non-invasive energy healing. Using the hands as a channel for energy into the spirit of a person or animal is the new buzz word of the twenty-first century, but it is the oldest form of medicine and goes back to the beginning of time. The healer is merely a channel for the spiritual force of universal healing energy.

Within every living being lies the life force of the body, a vibrant oscillating field of bio-electromagnetic energy. The physical and emotional condition of the body affects this energy field. The actual source of a problem could lie deep within the horse caused years prior to the current condition. Hands-on healing rebalances the horse's energy field and can work physically, mentally and emotionally stimulating the horses return to harmony, inner calm and peacefulness.

Horse Healing

WHY do I care about healing your horse? It's a passion of mine. I love horses, they are beautiful, powerful animals! They have emotions and experience trauma just like we do, but they cannot communicate to us, they are quiet. They live in silence. When the emotional body cannot freely express itself, the physical body incorporates the unresolved energy. Since the physical body is not designed to manage feelings, physical symptoms often develop. They need the same emotional release and re-balance that we humans need. They need us to care, to be open, to listen to what is going on with them emotionally. I believe I can help your horse feel happy, calm and peaceful. It is very inspiring. I know you care as well, it's a partnership - you and your horse.

Healing can help other treatments work on a deeper level and can be used preventively. Healing can be successful in one treatment, however more often a few treatments are needed depending upon the condition of the horse. Horses love healing and it's such an easy offering for the benefit of their inner peace.

Examples of why horses need hands-on healing

Hands-on healing is NOT a substitute for Veterinary advice or care. Because of the complexity of a horses problems it is essential that a Veterinarian make your horses diagnosis and call upon a team of therapeutic members complimented by natural alternative hands-on therapy. Hands-on healing will not reverse severe degeneration or damage to organs or tissues. A hands-on healer will not make promises about a cure or recovery. All living things have a limited life span. When you offer hands-on healing to your horse - you will be heard by your horse, by the source of the universal healing energy and by your soul. It's a beautiful positive experience all around.

"Ride a caring trail, take time to breathe your horse."

Linda is a certified USUI Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master
USUI Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master - Equine Healer - Shaman Practitioner
North Phoenix, AZ
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