Reiki Testimonials | Arizona Reiki Luminous Field

I had suffered for years with ice cold feet and hands due to a number of health issues. As Linda worked on me it was as though I felt a hundred hands gently coaxing the positive energy to flow through my body. I sensed I was in a beautiful circle of warm loving light with smaller lights within the circle which I feel were angels. An incredible wave of warmth washed over my body, and I felt something "release." I was in awe of the experience and truly didn't know what to expect.

Now weeks later my hands and feet are warm and free from pain. I feel so blessed to have had a Reiki session with Linda as her hands were divinely guided to ease the pain from my body and replace it with energy that some how made me lighter and warm. I look forward to another session with Linda, and I certainly would recommend her to anyone searching for alternative means of healing. I'll take a giant dose of healing through Linda before I reach for more prescription pain killers.

~ Constance L., Phoenix, AZ

This has been a tumultuous year for me, professionally and personally. I have been living in a constant state of stress, anxiety and anger. Receiving Reiki from Linda was a true gift. Not only did I emerge totally relaxed and at peace, but over the course of the next few days and weeks, my path became clear to me. There was a new-found clarity that I have been struggling to capture for a very long time. You see, I'm one of those people who 'lives in her head,' constantly questioning, weighing options, worrying about outcomes. It gets a little busy and heavy up there in my head. Reiki cleared out all the cobwebs and allowed me to see the forest for the trees. Linda is an excellent practitioner. She is loving, kind and passionate about what she does. Thank you Linda!

~ Carrie P., Philadelphia, PA

I have known Linda for many years and decided to recently turn to her for a Reiki session. I am so glad that I did, my experience was amazing and powerful! I had experienced trouble sleeping and focusing on being in the moment. I left my session feeling more at ease, clearer about the direction of my life and in the end being able to sleep more deeply. Linda cares about others, has great compassion and understanding. Linda's expertise and knowledge has lead me to believe that Reiki is her life's purpose and wants each person to have a positive experience that they will never forget!

~ Julie H., Boston MA

Energy medicine: after my relaxing Reiki session I immediately felt a release of heavy energy in my chest; a beautiful light feeling as if I could breath deeper and freely compared to before my session. I experienced a wonderful calm, peacefulness that lasted for days. It was phenomenal! There seems to be a growing interest in natural energy forces and the part they play in maintaining good health. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Reiki Linda!

~Joy Gimple, RN, BSN, Arizona

I recently tried my first experience receiving Reiki, and it was an extremely positive, relaxing and therapeutic session for me. People often say they don't believe in complimentary alternative therapies like Acupuncture or Reiki, but you don't have to believe in Reiki - it works whether you believe in it or not! Thank you for a wonderful experience Linda, I will be back!

~ Susan Pinto, RN, BSN, Arizona

I scheduled a Reiki treatment with Linda because I was grieving from the loss of a dear friend. I was feeling depressed and my body was out of balance. This was my first experience with Reiki and I truly enjoyed it. I left the treatment with a lighter energy overall, my mind was clearer, and I felt calm and at peace.

~ Eve Adams, Indiana

I had the opportunity to have a session with Linda, and was so grateful for my experience. I had heard of Reiki from friends and wanted to try it, to see if it might help me reduce my stress from continually trying to balance my home and work life. Linda was very comforting and spent the time explaining how the process worked and what I might experience. Although I believe I am very open-minded, I was surprised at what I felt during our session. I felt an incredible wave of energy that actually caused me to shiver, yet it felt so calming. I was so relaxed afterwards - something I had not experienced in a long time. Thank you, Linda!

~ K. McPherson- Summit, NJ

I was going through some extreme life situations that caused me to feel very scattered and unlike my usual self. I was feeling depressed, fearful, powerless and very angry. I received my 1st Reiki treatment from Linda. The session left me feeling soothed, calm and relaxed. I plan to have another treatment as soon as possible and feel that Reiki treatments are an important part of my natural healing plan.

~ Lynn Loisel, Arizona

My first Reiki experience was amazing, and I am so glad that it was with Linda. Linda's calming, supportive and professional demeanor set the stage for a relaxing experience that let me clear out the cobwebs and rejuvenate my spirit. During the session I worked at sorting through some challenging thoughts and feelings. As I noticed the emotions rising, a sudden electrical burst of energy allowed me to let go of the negativity, giving me a new sense of freedom. After the session, I felt lighter as well as grounded, and I slept very deeply that night. A few weeks have passed since, and I still feel as if I've been liberated from those negative emotions. Thank you, Linda!

~ D. McCullough, Boston

Testimonials for Shamanism

I was fortunate to spend an entire weekend with Linda in order to experience a shamanic journey up on Mt. Cardigan (Old Baldy) in NH. As we hiked up the strenuous trail, Linda positively focused our thoughts towards the beauty of the surrounding nature. I felt a renewed awareness of the energy of the spruce, hemlock, mountain ash, wildflowers and birds. Once we arrived at the AMC cabin, we helped Linda to build a small fire (approved by forest services) outside, surrounded by the beauty of the mountain. As we relaxed around the fire, Linda drummed a soft drum beat mimicking the heartbeat of mother earth while she guided us on a shamanic journey to meet our power animals, who are always with us to protect and help guide us. I felt as though the animal spirits were all huddled there around the fire with us and others were watching unseen by us. During the journey, we met and conversed with our animal totems. What a wonderful evening on the Mt.! It was one of the most profound and illuminating experiences of my life. Thank you Linda!

~ Linda Janse, Boston MA

During my Shamanic Journey with Linda I traveled to an illuminated cave where I found a large golden key. There were several doors in the rocks of the cave and I used the key to open one of the doors. This door led to another large open cave that had a pool of glistening water in it. In the water swam a beautiful white swan, my power animal. It was a wonderful, peaceful experience. I highly recommend it!

~ Sabrina H., CA

Linda led me through a life-changing shamanic journey to another level of reality. It was both peaceful and exhilarating to meet my power animals. As a result, I feel a deeper understanding of my place in the world. Thank you Linda, from the bottom of my heart!

~ Nancy B., Boston MA

Reiki Class Testimonials

I had the most amazing two day class with Linda in January. I studied REIKI I & II with Linda and was certified. Linda taught me so much, she is so knowledgeable! This experience has led me to a higher place in my life to look deep within me and to be able to work with the universal life force energy that is all around us with the guidance and knowledge that I received. I felt so blessed when Linda gave me a treatment as I was able to see and feel what is before me that truly I was shown my path in life is to be of service to help others. The Mighty I Am Presence is always with me and through him all things are possible.

Thank you Linda for everything and may you keep doing all that you do to help teach and heal people.

~ Vivian Florit, Cave Creek